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Achieving your goals: patience is everything

Actualizado: 17 de sep de 2020

Vīrabhadrāsana II

#Vīrabhadra is a warrior in Hindu mythology. It is the second position of the warrior (that's why number II), with this #Asana we develop will, mental stability and on the physical plane strength in the legs, we help to open the hips and lubricate the joints, we learn to extend the spine and the sides of the trunk, we tone arms by stretching and aligning the bones.

Awakening and developing the #Compassionate #Warrior is essential to make the change we want to see in ourselves and in the world.

"For a #yogi, the #body is his #perpetual laboratory of #experimentation and #research. Nothing is accomplished by a doubting mind. #Discipline and #purity must come from within. "

Willingness to make the decision to start practicing #Yoga, #will to be constant, #choose the #path of #change now.

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"El Yoga es la llave dorada que abre la puerta a la paz, la tranquilidad y la alegría." 

B.K.S. Iyengar

El momento de empezar es AHORA. El lugar AQUI."


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