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"The practitioner's rules ''

1) #Utsãha The practitioner must maintain joy in order to continue his effort in his practice. You should not get bored or feel mentally and physically tired.

2) #Sãhasa: The practitioner must have perseverance and mental disposition to perform the practice.

3) #Dhairya: Courage is a very important quality. Fear is a great obstacle. Fear can create loopholes to discontinue your # sãdhanã. To be stable is practice and to penetrate deeply, to find reality requires courage. Often the # sãdhaka does not want to face his shortcomings.

4) # Tattvajñãna: The correct understanding, through knowledge, of the correct path and the correct approach, is very important. There must be a drive to find the right thing.

5) # Nišcaya: Determination and firm belief are important qualities for the practice of what the guru has taught. Doubts, the influence of others and a lack of confidence makes one be in a state of indeterminacy, of instability. Therefore, he / she must be firm in his decision.

6) #Janasanga # pariyãga: Finally, # Savãrãma asks the practitioner to pay the contact with the public, so that one does not break before contradictory thoughts and criteria about Yoga. He / She should not reveal their achievements and achievements in Yoga, since those who do not practice may express opposing or unfavorable opinions.

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