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Eyal Shifroni in Buenos Aires

Actualizado: 17 sept 2020

Yoga with elements to improve our alignment

Master #Eyal #Shifroni, visited us in Buenos Aires, his #kindness and #humility were the basis of his teaching, the work with the #elements was of great help to improve the #alignment, each clear and direct explanation.

He opened the #seminar by asking us a question: how do we know if we are making progress in the practice of yoga? When we are increasingly aware of our shadows and our lights and we learn to love ourselves more; when we have better relationships with others; when we are more loving, compassionate and tolerant; when no circumstance is capable of altering our breathing or peace of mind, much less our possibility of #being #happy and seeing the #beauty and colors of this world ... If we put our feet behind our heads but we are not capable of being every day a better human being, then something is not right in our practice, and technique can do little to advance. The shared experience was a beautiful learning for the soul, mind and physical.

A special thanks to Noga Chepelinski for organizing the seminar.

Noga has also translated into Spanish # the valuable #books of Master Shifroni.

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