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Actualizado: 17 sept 2020

My #scoliosis has led me to practice and study Yoga since I was 20 years old.

When I learned about the #Iyengar #Yoga method, I revolutionized my # practice.

Some of the benefits of this method are #postural #alignment,

#breathing and self-control, so that we are not victims of our destiny or karma, as Marcia Monroe, a great teacher in the Iyengar method, says. One of the first things I learned when #studying #Yoga #Iyengar, was the importance of #feet and #legs, there is plenty of it when it comes to scoliosis and #asymmetries.

Activating the quadriceps without activating the feet is impossible.

The practice of standing postures modified accordingly for the individual with scoliosis, has been a great #tool # practice for #alignment, #elongation, #stability, to improve #breathing and above all self-perception. The #brain learns a new way to find the center and to adjust the asymmetries of the body experience in the postures. Mr. Iyengar used to say, "When the feet don't work, the #spinal #column #collapses." Most students with scoliosis have problems with the arches of the feet, with weight distribution and lack of #muscular #support. Each foot will have its own weight distribution pattern, which indicates what the spine is doing. Our feet are the first connection to the ground and will affect the rest of our bodies. There are many #proprioceptors in the ligaments and muscles in the twenty-six bones of the feet. They act as switches that awaken in the #bones and #muscles the #sense of #foundedness, #lightness, #balance and even #self-esteem. Continuous practice of standing poses, one of BKS Iyengar's legacies to its students, builds not only somatic strength and stability, but also a neuromuscular connection. Misalignment in the feet will cause a deviation in the leg muscles and the position of the head of the femur in the hip socket, resulting in a spinal discrepancy and poor locomotion. The feet and legs should be treated carefully in all #asanas, mainly for the alignment of the lumbar, sacral and dorsal curves.

In these curves, one side of the #body sends # different signals than the other side and the #brain processes that # asymmetric information. When properly modified, a new #consciousness will develop, along with new neurological pathways of #learning. The arches of the feet provide #vital #stability and gait coordination. Access to children's feet and gait is essential to detect asymmetries and future structural scoliosis, so intervention can begin at a young age, offering hope of correction before skeletal maturity is complete.

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