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Resize defects

Actualizado: 17 sept 2020

Accepting the difficulty is the first step towards transformation

Last week I had the joy of attending the #seminar of Gabriella #Giubilaro, enthusiastic Master of Florence. Her precise observations, her cheerful, simple and direct way of speaking, are an incentive for my desire to continue learning and deepen the path of the #Iyengar #Yoga method.

She taught us to see the resistances of the #body and #mind, as simple and common difficulties, and to transform the defect into something interesting to pay # attention. #Observing and #practicing with #perseverance, everything is possible #transform.

As the Sufi say: imperfection is the spice of life. 
As B.K.S. Iyengar: Yoga teaches us to heal what is not necessary to endure, and to endure what is not possible to cure.
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