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Optimize your practice on vacation

Actualizado: 17 de sep de 2020

There is always time to do a "simple" series of Asana

All standing #Asana (posture) have no contraindications, so don't be afraid, if you have practiced for a year regularly with an #instructor and you don't have any pathology, keep practicing during the #vacations or find a #course in the #summer place!

Iyengar said: "#Yoga is #action, only by putting it into practice can we get to know each other. As you strive to #learn, follow with #devotion what you have learned. For a yogi, the body is his perpetual laboratory of experimentation and investigation."

Yoga is a practice that has to be #experienced, it is not theory, therefore we have to #take advantage of every opportunity and vacations are a magical moment to be able to enjoy and feel what happens inside our being. In the #Iyengar #method mirrors are not used for practice, to develop #conscience and #observation from #inward to #outside. We seek to pay attention to a specific point of the #body, trying to #feel it, #relax it, to be able to deepen from that place in all the #Asana. Where you pay # attention, there you develop #intelligence and #conscience. We can start by paying attention to the feet, the base, for example, how do we distribute our weight? etc. Keep practicing with the elements that you used in class, when you feel comfortable in the proven posture without element, here is a #series of #Asana that you can #try on your #vacations:

Cuéntame la experiencia sobre tu práctica!

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"El Yoga es la llave dorada que abre la puerta a la paz, la tranquilidad y la alegría." 

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El momento de empezar es AHORA. El lugar AQUI."


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